Top 10 books of 2013 (not in order)

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Wonder - R.J. Palacio Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea - Barbara Demick The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Misery - Stephen King The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

1: Ready player one: I thougt this book was awsome, I fell in love with the charecters, the futurestic setting was perfect. And Im really looking forward to read Armada (oct 2014) by same author.


2: Wonder:  this was such a sweet heartwarming story. I really loved how August developed through the book and how he handled different situations.


3: Shatter Me: My favorite series I've read this year. and really looking forward to the 3rd book. totally ship Juliette x Adam. Warner can.. I dont know I have this hatelove relationship with Warner.


4: Nothing to envy: This was my first non-fiction book. My friend told me to read it and her book recommendation is usally really good. And ofc she was right this time to. I really loved the charecters I loved theirs stories. through the hole book I had differents feelings.


5: The Fault In Ours Stars: First John green book I've read. Such a pain to read this. I have heard warnings but I didnt thought It would be this frikkin sad. but I loved it ofc. and 2014 I will read others books by John Green.


6: Harry potter 1: I havent read the harry potter books Before but this year I decided to do it. And I have no regrets! I'm really glad I've read them or the first 4 books. I will finish the series 2014.


7: The Snow Child: My first English book (Im Swedish) and I'm really glad that this was my first book because I loved it. It had this strong story and alot of feelings awakend when I read this. And after I've finished it I was like: What?? Already finished?? I want to read more -runs to the shelf and picks random books-


8: Jellicoe road: Melina Marchetta became one of my favorite authors this year, the way she writes is Amazing. This story had such heartwarming moments but not only that. I felt sadness, Happines, confusion and others feelings.


9: Misery:  this book was crazy and scary of course. The way Stephen king described the charecters, especially Annie was so scary. and the moments was nerv-wrecking. through the book I felt so sorry for Paul. I just wanted to dive in the book and rescue him.


10: The 5th Wave:  I love the characters in this book especially Evan (I Think it was Evan) the way Rick described him like a Young superman. I fell in love at the first Word.
but carrie was nice to. This is the first book I've prefer the side characters instead of the main character.


If I would haft to put these in orders it would be: 
1: Shatter me
2: Harry potter 1
3: The snow Child
4: The fault in ours stars
5: Wonder
6: Ready player one
7: Jellicoe Road
8: The 5th wave
9: Nothing to envy
10: Misery.