Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta

Synopsis:  Francesca is starting a new school, a former school for  boys. the equality between boys and the 30girls who just started there is not the greatest. Francesca really miss her old school and old friends, and among all that her mother have also fallen ill.


Thoughts: I was really hype to read this because Melina is one of my favourite author. I knew this book was probably going be great. And it was. Though it had some slow moments. had some trouble getting through them but yeah I did and then later on the fast reading moments came back.


I had some mixed feeling about the main character Francesca under the reading. sometimes she could be funny and in some situations I could sympathise with her. and sometimes she was just annoying. but in the end she ended up to be awesome, and I wouldn’t mind to be her friend if she came to this world. The relationship between her and her brother Luca is just adorable. they're so cute, supporting each other.

you don’t get to know the others characters so much, which I think is a bit of shame because there were some character I really wanted to get to know more.


The environment was okay, I pictured a school when they're were in school, a street etc.but I couldn’t see the details. maybe because it takes place in Australia. were I never been to.



I read the green cover the Swedish cover with of course Swedish translation.
Its so beautiful ;-; I really want this book because it would look great on my shelf.
but it cost like 36dollar here in the book store.